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Belarus Yes Right  BY

Belarusian Auto Moto Touring Club


Breakdown services are available free of charge in main cities such as minsk, Gormel, Gordno & within 15km radius of these cities.

Fees Payable

23a-16 Solomennaya St. Room 14 220088 Minsk, Belarus

T: 375 17 233 9111
T: 375 17 222 0666

W: www.bka.by
E: [email protected] 

Belgium Yes Right  B

Royal Touring Club of Belguim


Breakdown & towing services are available.

Fees Payable

Rue de la Loi, 44 1040 Brussels

T: 32 70 344 777 (breakdown service 24hrs)
T:  32 2 233 2211

W: www.touring.be
E: [email protected]



(strongly recommended to have it translated by sworn public translator of Brazil & photo ID required)

Right  BR Automovel Clube Brasileiro (CCB)  Breakdown and towing service available 24 hours a day, everyday for its members. Motorist from other countries can call the service from 0800 to 2000hours, Monday to Friday, when a Spanish-speaking attendants are available.

Rua México No. 11 16 Andar, CEP 20031-144, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

T:  5521 2262 4800

W: www.automovelclubebrasileiro.com.br
E: [email protected]

 Bulgaria Yes   Right BG 

Union of Bulgaian Motorist



 24 Hours breakdown 

Fees Payable

 3 Pozitano Square 
B.P. 257 1000 Sofia Bulgaria

T: 359 2 935 7935

W: www.uab.org
E: [email protected]