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Ukraine Yes Right UA

Company 112 Ukraine


Breakdown and towing service operates 24 hours.

T: 380 976 683 830
T: 380 800 505 550
T: 380 322 976 550

Akademika Pidstrygacha str. 6, 79060 Lviv, Ukraine

T: 380 322 970 112
W: www.112ua.com
E: [email protected] 

United Kingdom Recommended Left GB

RAC Motoring Service


Drive any small vehicle listed on your full and valid licence for 12 months from when you entered into Great Britain.  If you have a bus/truck licence you can only drive vehicles that are registered outside Great Britain.  

Majority of car rentals require an IDP for hiring vehicles. Insurance companies can impose their own t&cs meaning that they could render an IDP compulsory.

Breakdown and towing service available 24 hours. Fees payable.

RAC does not provide roadside assistance to members of foreign clubs.

T: 0800 82 82 82 or 0333 2000 999 (mobile friendly)

Brockhurst Crescent,
Walsall, WS5 4AW

T: 44 1922 437 000
W: www.rac.co.uk

United States of America  Recommended Right USA

American Automobile Association


AAA is no longer a member of the FIA since April 2010.  Visiting motorist can obtain some services in case of a breakdown or touring information.  Majority of car rental companies require an IDP for hiring.  Check with your rental company prior to leaving Australia. Drivers are advised to carry an IDP as it is easily recognised by the authorities in the case of an accident or traffic violation. The minimum age required to drive varies from state ot state.

1000 AAA Drive,

Heathrow Flordia 32746-5063 USA

T: 1 407 444 7000

W: AAAInternationalRelati[email protected]