AAA Welcomes Federal Government Announcement on Fuel Quality


Australia’s peak motoring body, the Australian Automobile Association (AAA), looks forward to carefully studying the costs and benefits of all options put forward in the Government’s draft regulation impact statement proposing changes to Australian’s fuel standards. 

AAA Chief Executive Michael Bradley said the association welcomed the public release of the document and would be able to make a considered response in due course.

“We have previously supported changing Australia’s fuel quality standards to reduce air pollution and to ensure appropriate fuels are available to support new engine technologies,’’ he said.

For the past two years, the AAA has called on the government to recognise the inter-relationship and consider CO2 targets, Euro standards for noxious emissions and fuel quality standards as a consolidated package before any decision is made on regulatory changes.  

“Australia now has an opportunity to properly consider the interplay between the Government’s preferred timelines for new fuel quality standards and vehicle emissions standards,” Mr Bradley said.

“In its assessment of the draft regulation impact statement, the AAA will consider how each of the proposed options will affect fuel costs and how the timelines impact on the ability to introduce CO2 and Euro 6 standards for new cars.”

“Having all three pieces of work moving forward together will help maintain vehicle choice and minimise costs for motorists,” Mr Bradley said.

The AAA supports measures to reduce the environmental impact of motoring which are suitable for Australian conditions and support consumer choice and transport affordability.  




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