Latest Publications

Inquiry into Australia's Response to Global Warming


The AAA believes that action to curb global warming must be cost effective, well balanced and fully comprehensive.

Inquiry into Fatigue Management in Transport


Fatigue, or tiredness leading to a reduction of cognitive functions, is a condition of the human life-cycle in which today's world of repetitive, complex and often dangerous tasks can lead to disaster.

Inquiry into Infrastructure and the Development of Australia's Regional Areas


There is no doubt that Australia’s national economy is dependent on the vitality of regional economies and that it is in the national interest that Australia’s urban and regional areas have modern, reliable infrastructure, including transport infrastructure.

AAA Summary of The Senate Select Committee Hearing on A New Tax System - Main Report


This paper summarises the issues of relevance to AAA and its Constituents contained in the main report of the Senate Select Committee on A New Tax System.

Submission to the Senate Committee on A New Tax System


AAA believes that tax reform is essential and that taxation of motorists needs to be considered as part of any reform of the tax system. In our view, motorists already more than ‘pay their way’ and in 1996-97 they contributed over $15 billion in taxes and charges to Commonwealth and State governments.

Inquiry into the Petroleum Retail Legislation Repeal Bill 1998


AAA and its Constituents support deregulation of the petroleum industry, and the repeal of both the Petroleum Marketing Sites Act 1980 and the Petroleum Retail Marketing Franchise Act 1980.