Latest Publications

National Road Transport Commission 3rd Heavy Vehicle Road Pricing Determination


AAA has a keen interest in road pricing and the related issue of fuel taxation, and how motorists should be charged for the use of the road.

2004-05 Budget Submission


The issue of road funding, combined with concerns about road safety, continue to be major issues affecting motorists. On the funding side, we are particularly concerned about aspects of the Government's recent AusLink Green Paper.

Inquiry into the Fuel Quality Standards


The AAA welcomes the Commonwealth's moves to adopt a legislative approach to the labelling of fuels at the point of sale through setting a fuel quality information standard (FQIS).

Motor Vehicle Environment Committee (MVEC) Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Standards Review


We do not specialise in the fields of fuels and vehicle technology, but represent the end users of vehicles. In this submission we give a broad perspective of the issues we see involved along the route to the implementation of new emissions and fuel standards.

Environment Australia Discussion Paper No. 6 National Fuel Quality Standards Biodiesel


There is no doubt that in order to achieve Australia's air quality goals, significant developments are needed in motor vehicle emissions and control technology. These developments can only be introduced if suitable fuel is available to enable proper and consistent functioning of the technologies.

Designs Bill 2002 and Designs (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2002


The AAA attempts to ensure that motoring is affordable and that motorists have access to the best possible motoring products at an affordable price.

2003-04 Budget Submission


While recognizing the importance of a national strategic approach to transport management, does not address the urgent need for increased public investment expenditure for roads AusLink does not address the urgent need for increased public investment expenditure for roads.