Latest Publications

Federal Budget Submission 2006-07


This submission points to opportunities in the 2006-07 Federal Budget to make significant improvements to the National Network. There remains a backlog of economic road projects that, if tackled, can bring substantial reductions in travel times and congestion costs, vehicle operating costs, crash costs and the immeasurable costs of unnecessary personal trauma. Reductions in these are benefits of land transport investment.

Biofuels Taskforce


The Biofuels Taskforce was established to examine the latest scientific evidence on the impacts of ethanol and other biofuels on human health, environmental outcomes and automotive operations.

Corporations Amendment Bill


Overall AAA welcomes the intention of the Bill to facilitate increased shareholder participation in corporate governance while reducing the associated costs of such participation.

Inquiry into Fuel Prices in the Northern Territory


AANT has long held concerns that motorists in the Northern Territory have been forced to pay too much for fuel, and is pleased to present this submission to the Inquiry into Fuel Prices.

AusLink Bill 2004


Submission to the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee

Review of the Australian Consumer Product Safety System


The AAA supports the Government's intention to place a high priority on developing safer and more efficient consumer products.

Inquiry into Integration of Regional Rail and Road Networks and their Interface with Ports


The AAA has an interest in ensuring that Australia has a road and rail network that moves passengers and freight efficiently. Clearly, investment in rail can result in benefits to road users, including motorists. But this should not mean a shift in funding from road to rail.