Latest Publications

2007-08 Budget Submission


Australian Automobile Association's submission on the Australian Government Budget 2007/08.

AAA Response to PC Discussion Draft - Road Rail Freight Infrastructure Pricing


While AAA acknowledge that the Terms of Reference required the PC to examine issues associated with heavy vehicles and rail in moving freight, we consider that light vehicles cannot be left out of the equation because motorists contribute significantly in taxes and charges towards the cost of road infrastructure provision and use which is jointly used by cars and trucks. Attachment is available on request.

Inquiry into Price Regulation of Airport Services


It is in this tourism and motoring context we wish to make a brief submission to the Inquiry into Price Regulation of Airport Services.

Inquiry into Price of Petrol in Australia


AAA welcomes the opportunity to present this submission to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee Inquiry into the Price of Petrol in Australia.

Inquiry into Future Oil Supply and Alternative Transport Fuels


AAA has a vital interest in issues associated with Australia's future oil supply and alternative transport fuels. In this submission, AAA examines transport fuel demand and prices, motorists' opinions and attitudes, identifies options for achieving reductions in fuel use and addresses the issues of biofuels and alternative fuels.

Road and Rail Freight Infrastructure Pricing


This Inquiry is about the economic costs of freight infrastructure and efficient approaches to transport pricing. This cannot be separated from how cars and trucks should be charged for the use of the road and the way revenue collected should be used to build and maintain new road infrastructure.