Latest Publications

How Safe Are Queensland's Roads?


This report provides risk maps for 7,561km of Queensland's rural road network comprising 4,784km of the AusLink National Network (covered in previous studies) and, for the first time, 2,777km of selected sections of State highways. The risk maps are based on casualty crashes (where at least one person was killed or injured) on rural highways generally zoned with speed limits 90km/h or higher.

Submission from AAA to NTC's 2007 Heavy Vehicle Charges Determination


In this Submission AAA responds on the Draft Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) Volume , on Heavy Vehicle Charges Determination to the NTC, 2007.

AAA Submission to the ACCC Petrol Price Inquiry, 2007


In this submission the AAA discusses issues of petrol becoming less affordable, petrol price increases, long term and short term price fluctuations and higher petrol prices in regional areas.

Submission to the Task Group on Emissions Trading


In this submission, we respond to the issues and questions raised by the Task Group on emissions trading, in the context of motoring.