Latest Publications

AAA's Submission to Henry Review of Taxation


AAA's submission to the Henry Review of Taxation make a number of recommendations, including that fuel excise should be abolished and replaced with a road user charge whereby road users pay for the full social costs of their road use. AAA also recommends that there be a clear link from the charge and expenditure on land transport infrastructure. Other recommendations include nationally consistent and minimal registration charges and the abolition of the Luxury Car Tax and stamp duty on vehicle registration.

AAA's Submission to Infrastructure Australia, October 2008


AAA's submission to Infrastructure Australia provides a summary of AusRAP's research into the safety performance of the AusLink National Network.

AAA Submission to the National Environment Protection Council


AAA Submission to the National Environment Protection Council regarding the Draft National Protection (Tyres) Measure and Draft Tyres Product Stewardship Agreement.

Submission to the Review of the Automotive Industry


AAA's submission to the Review of the Automotive Industry argues that assistance to the Australian motor vehicle industry increases the price of new and, indirectly, used cars and as such disadvantages Australian motorists. This assistance works against the objectives of the AAA, which include promoting responsible, affordable and safe motoring and safeguarding and protecting the interests of Australian motorists.

AAA Submission to the Garnaut Climate Change Review


This submission is in response to the issues raised in two papers recently published by the Garnaut Climate Change Review: "Issues Paper – Forum 5, Transport, Planning and Built Environment" and "Emissions Trading Scheme Discussion Paper." The Australian Automobile Association (AAA) welcomes the opportunity to provide this submission to the Review.

Australian Automobile Association Federal Budget Submission 2008-09


From a budgetary perspective, the key areas of interest for AAA in 2008-09 relate to an extension of, and adequate funding for AusLink; confirmation of an election commitment to fund a driver training program, keys2drive; and a desire for Government to consider reform of fuel taxation.